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This was an exercise on replicating an oil painting still life in the 3D medium. In order to replicate the oil painting look, the 3D models uses textures manually painted in Photoshop using oil texture-like brushes.


The scene is rendered with very minimal 3D lighting influence, with the shading and highlight painted straight on the texture.

Roles : Modeller | Texturer

Softwares : Maya | Photoshop


Will_Painting Reference.jpg

Finished render image of the 3D replication.


An example of the oil-painted texture, this is the texture for the apple. The glossy highlight of the apple is painted straight on the texture.

The random brush strokes on the foreground and background are achieved using a single plane with the brush stroke itself as an alpha map, making it transparent.


Reflective objects such as the plate and cup are made with the reflective 3D Chrome material, however I took the environmental sphere and manually painted over it with the oil brushes, so that the 3D-generated reflection can look a bit more oil painting-like.


This is the Fill Render of the scene, showing how the model looks like with more of the 3D lighting influence. For the final image the Ambient Render is more majorly used.

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