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A film with gun, sword, and cats. LOTS of cats.

CATastrophe is the final year film for my bachelor degree at RMIT, and probably holds the record for the longest solo final year project ever created in the institution at a whooping 10 minutes. The whole project took about 6 months to complete.

This film was made during the time when we observed the birth of the internet meme culture, and is made as a celebration of all the funny, weird and unfathomably random things that the collective internet culture had brought to us during that period of time.

This is also one of the only times I attempted to write a script for a film, as well as voice acting it. While the script was quite successful, the voice acting received mixed reviews. I do aim to give the main character an annoying and lazy accent and it seems it did not work well for some people.

Roles : Scriptwriter | Director | 2D Animator | Compositor | Editor | VFX | 3D Modeling and Texturing | Audio Mixing | Voice Actor

Software : Flash | Photoshop | AfterEffects | Maya



Promotional posters.

Characters showcase.

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