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Following my other experiment on making 2D rigged multi-parts amalgamation, this time I'm making a motorcycle made out of.... bikers.

This was partly inspired by a real life human motorcycle project by Trina Mery, which was impressively made out of very flexible naked female bodies. So in the spirit of gender equality, I made mine out of just some regular biker guys to prove that men, too, can excel at the objectification game.

Obviously mine is not as smooth and seamless as the body painting, but that is because I made sure that my motorcycle can actually work, and that each individual are fully geared and protected from the asphalt. I had to also use real wheels and fenders because it just so happens that contortioned human bodies don't roll very well.

This looping animations will be featured on the LoopdeLoop animation challenge for the theme of "Job". Aren’t we all just parts and engines slaving away to run the wheels of the system?

Software : Photoshop | After Effects



A process GIF from the reference sportsbike model to

sketch, color and shaded model.


A color-coded diagram to explain the composition of the bike.

In total there are 7 dudes that makes up this motorcycle.

All the separated sections of the rig.

Each face also comes with closed eye for blinking purpose.

There is a separated shading layer for the wheel to make sure they can rotate while the shading remain intact.


A showcase of the Rig control system.

As usual I use the duIK AfterEffects plugin.

On the right is just me trying to figure out the formula to make an expression that makes the wheel squish down when you move down the controller in the middle.

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