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In a world where thoughts are represented by colorful patterns, a guy struggles to deal with the colors from all around well as within himself.


Out of My Mind is the thesis film I made during my time in the RMIT. The 5-minutes long film was built upon my interest to animate a bunch of pretty abstract patterns in a traditional watercolor style. Although the whole film was created digitally using the watercolor brushes of Photoshop and TVPaint.

The film also intentionally utilize morphing, jittering and unkempt lineart and coloring to convey mood and emotional changes that happens within the film.

Roles : 2D Animator | VFX | Compositor | Editor

Software : TVPaint | Photoshop | AfterEffects


A collection of watercolor splashing animation done digitally in AfterEffects, using a combination of Masking, Matte Choker and Roughen Edges, as well as Layer Style - Bevel for the effect of the dried watercolor edges.

A collection of watercolor patterns animated frame by frame in TVPaint.


Vector thumbnail logo for the film.

Promotional poster and pitch document for the film.

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