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Slicer Pizza is a graduation film I worked on during my final year at AIE. I pitched the idea and it was chosen as one of the few film ideas that will be made during the final semester. Thus, I was tasked with directing the film to completion.

The main idea of the film is to take a mundane, everyday life situation and throw in something so extraordinary in there but play it off like it is such a normal thing for the characters in the film.

In total there are 33 shots in this film. I animated 26 of them in 2 months. Aside from that, I also modeled and textured the main character, the motorcycle, and the slug. I also rigged the slug character only.

I am really proud of my team for being able to finish all 33 shots of the animatic as closely as possible without having to cut any of them off, which is usually expected to happen student projects.

Roles : Director | Concept Artist | Animator | Modeler | Texturer | Rigger| Simulation | VFX Artist | Editor/Compositor

Software : Maya | Nuke | Premiere | AfterEffects


Overall breakdown of the film.

Turnaround of the main character.

Promotional poster.

Animatic that I made for the pitch.

Topology of the Motorcycle model.

The rig and skeletal structure of the Slug.

Variants of the slug model that are connected via blendshape to allow the creature to morph.

Concept Arts

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