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This shot is a challenge I gave to myself during my time in AIE, can I animate a thing that is so malleable like a jelly? It is a popular exercise in the 2D animation field to give life to a flour sack but in the 3D field animating something like that will definitely not be as simple.

To make sure that I can control the jelly easily while retaining its flexible properties, I made the jelly as an nCloth. Then I constraint only the bottom of the jelly on a controller, then interact with the nCloth with a combination of Force Field and passive collider objects.

The jelly is composited into a real life footage, with a real object (a fork) interacting with it. A chrome ball is used to add light and reflection information to the jelly, image planes are put behind the jelly to give transparent effect to the jelly, and lastly, the plate and floor are also modeled in to catch the reflection and caustic lighting from the jelly.

Roles : Animator | Modeler | Simulation/VFX  Compositor

Softwares : Maya | Nuke


VFX Compositing breakdown of the shot.

Chrome Ball picture taken for the lighting/reflection information for the pudding.

Playblast of the animation, showing the controller, collision objects and force fields that takes part in moving the nCloth Jelly.

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